Monday, August 20, 2007


Essalam Alaikum,

Ramadan is on the way! We are already in Sha'ban day # 7, year 1428.

Where does the time go?

Masha'Allah, this past year I was so busy with my children and house that I feel the entire year just past me by.

Insha'Allah this Ramadan will be full of insight, reflection, family, friends and of course... lovely food.

From sun up to sun down we fast for thirty days, and truly I feel that this is the best time of year. I am so excited. This will be the first time I will share our food online with people outside of those we invite to break fast with us after Maghrib (fourth prayer of the day).

Traditionally we shouldn't eat more than a few bites to break our fast and we should be extra generous with our neighbors, friends, and the poor. Ramadan should be a time for strengthening our ties with God, helping to establish a well rounded helpful community, taking care of those less fortunate than ourselves and becoming better people. Of course we do this all year round, but Ramadan is really a special time for acknowledging what blessings we live in as so many people don't get to break their hunger when the sun sets, they simply don't have food.

May God help us become more like our great teacher! May God help us remember where we came from and where we are going to!


  1. Ameen.........

    I seriously am so excited this year, i have no clue where this excitment comes from! I guess im just so excited about family gatherings for Iftar, my Arabic lessons in the Holy Month (nshallah), and most importantly trying my best to be better in my Faith and closer in Faith to Allah(subhaana wa ta'ala)...

    May Allah forgive us our sins of the year that passes and accept our fast...ameen...

  2. Barak Allahu Feeki Sis


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