Friday, September 14, 2007

Spicy Tuna Boureks

tuna in water or olive oil
olive oil if tuna is in water
red pepper flakes
fresh chopped parsley
egg roll papers
frying oil

Drain the tuna and add all the seasonings plus olive oil if the tuna was in water.
Then place on the bourek papers (eggroll pastry) and roll them up.



  1. never seen them this way -- i only know them as les cigares (du thon). looks like you get a lot more for your money in this shape! LOL. using the wrappers is way easier than cutting up the brik, too.

  2. I'm busy with kids and the house, so I try to short cut as much as can, w/out using nasty food products. Both of these wraps are pretty good. :-) How was your holiday?

  3. ha, and i thought taking care of a cat was hard work! LOL. i actually saw a libyan recipe for burekas saying to use eggroll wrappers. any shortcuts help, as long as they taste good, right?? holiday was good, lots of food (too much, of course). fri to sat night will make up for it, we have to fast for 25 hours. uggh. thanks for asking, hope yours is going well.

  4. I actually don't like the egg roll wrappers as much as the spring roll wrappers. It seems that they are the same but they really aren't, the egg roll sucks up too much oil and burns fast.

    I'm happy you had a nice holiday! We fast from sun up to sun down, I have never tried for 25 hours. Do you drink water? What is the name of this fast?


  5. jamila, i think with the eggroll wrappers, you have to cook them at a lower temperature (according to my friend's parents who owned chinese restaurants); greasy is never good though. i've never tried them that way. i guess the rice flour ones make them crispier, too.

    the fast is for the holiday called yom kippour (day of atonement). no drinking either .... nothing at all unless you're sick, pregnant, etc!!! ugghh. makes you get horrible headaches.

  6. Just found your blog. You have a really good recipes.
    Wish i could make breads like you.

  7. Welcome Happy Cook & Thanks!


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