Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cream Scones

4 cups all purpose flour
4 ts baking powder
dash of salt (optional, I didn't add any)
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup currants or other dried fruit (chocolate if you fancy)
1 cup cold heavy cream + more if dry
1 large egg plus 1 ts of water, cream or milk for wash
3 tbs coarse sugar and or chopped finely or slivered crystallized ginger (both are optional)

Add (or sift if you really good!) flour, baking powder and salt then whisk together.
Measure brown sugar and dried fruit and whisk or stir utill evenly dispersed.
Pour in the cream and stir softly until you get a soft dough. I use my hands, but you can use a wooden spoon if you prefer not to get your hands sticky, which is my favorite part of making scones. Don't over mix or the scone will be dry. Turn out onto the counter and shape into one large disk or two smaller ones to make smaller scones.

Cut into wedges (I have never tried another shape) and place onto your baking sheet which should be lined with parchment paper or aluminum foil.

Whisk until frothy the egg and your desired liquid, of course milk will make for a reddish bread, cream will make it darker and I used water today, so you can see it's a bit shiny and lightly colored.

Brush with egg wash and sprinkle with desired topping, you can mix and match ginger and sugar, use only one or use nothing at all. They will taste great anyway really. Bake at 425 for ten minutes, turn the pan around, turn the heat down to 375 and cook for another ten minutes. They should be brown in color and firm to touch. Cool for ten to twenty minutes and serve warm with coffee or milk for breakfast or an afternoon snack with afternoon coffee or tea. :-)

Thank you Peter Reinhart!



  1. Ive just been looking at your the link off the algeria forum....and mashallah...I love the detail photos...keep up the good work inshallah...khadijah

  2. what salt do you add? I am confused with the first step? Not a cooker and want to use this recipe with a class.

  3. Essalam Alaikum Khadijah & Welcome!

  4. I didn't add salt to mine, however you can add a dash if you choose. First step is just sifting the dry ingredients together. Here is a link to read up on what is sifting.

    Thank you for stopping by and welcome!

  5. chocolate chips, yum :)) not a big dried fruit person -- but anything with cream in it has got to be good! not sure if the one i have on my blog has cream in it or not....

  6. I must go and see your recipe, :-)


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