Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Kitchen In The AM

Here is a typical morning in my home, after praying Fajr, showering, and straightening up the bedrooms.

A hot cup of coffee to sip and a book to read in between flipping pancakes. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm a birth junkie, so this history book is a great read for me. I was shocked to actually get a copy of it, I have been looking for awhile, gotta love Amazon!
Of course all the while three children are playing under my feet, and the baby just sits and looks on, waiting for the day he can join them in their games.
I really do love whole wheat pancakes.
The weekends and early mornings are the best part of life I'm almost certain.


  1. Did you say three children? I must be going blind...for a moment I thought I say four children :lol:
    Take care,wasalaam

  2. Essalam Ines, Yes you saw four, but only three move around under my feet as the other one is just eight weeks old.

  3. Assalaam Jamila, I don't have a blog here, but became a member so I could comment on yours! thanks for putting Algerian recipes here so i can make them for my Algerian husband! This Ramadan I was struggling to make cookies that were authentic, but now that you are back, I look everyday!

  4. Asalam alaykum, mashAllah the kids look so good :). I wish I could stay up after fajr but I am always a sleepy head ugh... The coffee looks good, lol. :)Was the book good? Sometimes older books can not draw me in minus period books, ahh I love those..

  5. Is this in Algeria?

  6. Essalam Alaikum Noor,

    Great book indeed and some quotes throughout it has me looking for ancient ones, lol!

    Essalam Alaikum Meriem,

    Nope, Virgina but soon again I will be back in Algeria.

  7. I am in VA too which part are you in?

  8. Aslamu alakum jamila
    nice to see you back in the kitchen sharring recipes with us after so long alhamduillah begrir a fav of mine but i put chilli sauce on mine much to my Algerian Mil's horror.

    I love that jam cake too.

  9. Ahh, I was shocked that houses looked that beautiful in Algeria! LOL.

  10. Essalam Alaikum Meriem,

    This would be what I'm trying to rectify before I go back. I don't know how to build my apartment like my home here in the USA. I sure will miss it here! I'm thinking to write a book about living there.

  11. as salamu alaykum Jamila,

    mash'Allah I love your recipes! So you are NOT algerian? just moving there....if so, may Allah make it your Hijirah fisabilillah insh'Allah!


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