Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chicken & Olives Tagine

This is really one of my favorite dishes from Algeria!
Its so aromatic, I love to make it and I really love to eat it.
One of the special qualities of this dish is how forgiving it is. You can add some things and take some away without any problems. Just make sure you have the olives, chicken and carrots with the spices and it will be delicious!

chicken of your choice, I use breasts
mushrooms (optional)
potatoes (optional)
one large onion
one garlic head (optional)
teaspoon of cinnamon
teaspoon of black pepper
pinch of salt
teaspoon of turmeric (optional)
preserved or fresh lemons (optional)
fresh or dried parsley or cilantro
    I really love the taste of caramelized onions and garlic in olive oil, I think it really adds complexity and texture. I know a lot of people puree, grate, or blend the onions, I don't think it adds much to the dish, so I don't do it.
    Caramelize the onions in olive oil then add the roughly chopped garlic half way through.
    Add the sliced carrots, so they can also brown a bit. It brings the sweetness out in them and also helps with the color of the dish.
    After the carrots are a bit brown, add the chopped mushrooms. I only half mine, but you can quarter them or leave them whole if you prefer.
    Mushroom absorb most of anything you cook them in, so I like them best with the garlic and carrots. After they are a bit soft and cooked add the chicken to brown. This is also when I add the spices, minus the turmeric. Be really light handed with the salt as olives are salty.
    After the chicken has browned a bit, add the olives.
    Add the quartered or halved potatoes.
    Add the turmeric and parsley.
    I add just about a half cup of water and bring it up to a boil. If I were using preserved lemons I would add a wedge now. I pressure cook this dish for about ten to fifteen minutes.
    Add fresh chopped parsley for a garnish and use a baguette or Khubz Tagine for your eating utensil.
    Here is an authentic Algerian dish!



    1. What a lovely dish with lots of veggies. It truly looks delish.

    2. mashallah your blog is beautiful!! I love it will test some of your recipe inchallah :)

    3. As salamu alaykum

      one of my fav too mash'Allah!!!!

    4. im coming back with a pen and paper....love your blog....

    5. sallam alikum jamila,
      masha'Allah, make me hungry, do share please, lol
      so far away, insha'allah one day
      umm amir

    6. I cooked the tagine for my boyfriend and myself. It turned out perfect. Tasted really good and ressembled the pictures on your blog! Thanks for the recipe and the opportunity to taste a unknown world!

    7. I loved the dish!

    8. When I was a child I didn't like the taste of olives. I think it was the particular olives I tried, though, the way they were prepared, that didn't taste pleasant to me. Then I spent time in Southern France, and olives are the dish of the day there (as there are olive trees growing in every corner, too). Those tasted really convincing, and since then I was hooked.
      I like olives marinated in strong herbs (thyme, rosemary a.o.).
      Your dish looks delicious. I will try it (without the chicken).


    ~ welcome! what say you? =D ~