Friday, May 29, 2009

Back In Southern Algeria

We took a nice drive through Seb Seb which isn't too far away from Metlili.

My mother in law is from here, it's a really quite place, full of nice people, mostly farmers. I love their vegetables and peanuts.

Those are from atop of a mountain, entering Seb Seb.

Here is a closer look.


Below are some pictures from a touristic place.

Here is the entrance. I just watched  special on local TV about this place, I was happy I had my own personal pictures to share.

This is a traditional tent. One of which I reckon nobody uses anymore, at least not for living anyway.

Here is a traditional clay oven.

A traditional roasting bed for meat along side a smaller clay oven.

I hope to one day have one of these in my backyard for making breads, roasting meats and veggies.  HEAVEN!

This is a pretty structure. I wish I would have taken another picture of it.

Here is the inside of the roof, pretty awesome design.

It has been more than one month of being back in Algeria.