Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Kids Turtle

One of my brother in laws found a turtle on his way back to Metlili from Algiers. Being the animal lover that he is, he just had to bring her home! The kids are thrilled, watching her daily, giving her lettuce (leafy green of course) and apple leftovers. She bakes in the sun during the early mornings to mid afternoon then covers herself during the scorching late afternoon! She has the crack on her back, I wonder if a bird thought that she would make a lovely lunch and picked up her, flying as high as possible to only drop her down again attempting to break her shell... We have a new addition to our family and that bird was out lunch!

She laid a dozen or so eggs and buried them close to her a few weeks back. Now I'm waiting for them to hatch, the day is close I'm sure, I did some reading after contacting a Vet and sending her some pics and her official name is Testudo hermanni., I call her Hermie.

Supposedly they are amongst the "smarter" turtles. Whatever the case, I hope she doesn't die from the heat and lack of baths, the last few days it has been a degree or two above 110! My in laws think it's crazy to give her a bath, even though it is totally needed and recommended, saying as much as a couple times a week but at minimum once.