Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maclouga ... M'clouga, Algerian Stuffed Pizza

This is a nice side with soup and salad. We even eat it with afternoon tea. This is a dish from here in Metlili, I haven't seen any of my friends from the north making it. It's really simple to make and oh so forgiving. Honestly you can stuff anything you like, it's a kind of cal-zone really.

2 cups of semolina per pizza well, if you like a think crust
1 cup of flour and 1 cup of semolina
salt to taste
1 ts yeast
1 egg white (optional)
2 spoons oil (optional)

green onions
any soft cheese
tomato paste
harissa or hot pepper paste
spicy or sweet paprika or both
chicken or meat

1 egg yolk or whole egg for the wash
black seeds (optional)
sesame seeds (optional)

Make the filling first, so it's cooled off by the time the dough is ready.
Clean, chop and cook until the veggies are fork tender and there isn't any water left.
If you are using chicken, boil or saute until completely cooked through and season to taste.
Season the finished veggies to your liking, I use cumin, paprika, hot paprika, and a spoon or two of tomato paste to make it thick. I usually add cheese.

So I was taught by my mother in law to add one egg and couple spoons of oil to the dough, but I really didn't like the quality of the crust with them, so I omit them both.
Whisk the yeast into the semolina, she also used equal parts of flour and semolina, which I also don't do.
Add the water and knead until a soft pliable dough is formed, add salt to taste.

Gently oil, cover and set aside to double.

Preheat the oven and a baking stone if using to 425
Gently deflate and divide into two equal portions.
I always doubled this recipe, so that means dividing it into four portions.

Roll or press out into a disk, I do it directly onto my pizza pan.

Spoon filling over the top.

Roll out the second piece of dough then cover the stuffing.

Gently stretch over places that needs it and then seal it up.

Brush with the wash and sprinkle with seeds.

Cook until golden brown and hollow when tapped.



  1. Oh this looks great. Quite healthy, too! I will try it out.

  2. assalamu alaikum,
    Jamila did you used fine semolina?

  3. I tried this for lunch and thank you so much for sharing. Atik saha as they say here in Algeria and looking forward to more recipes :)

  4. Salaam... Masha'Allah this looks fabulous and the possibilities for fillings must be endless! I made pizza today, I wish I'd seen this blog post first, lol!

    So just to clarify, the dough in the photo is 100% semolina dough... no flour?

  5. this is gorgeous, and so unique to me! that crust looks so wonderful, the filling could be just about anything and the whole dish would still be scrumptious!

  6. Esalaam;

    Machallah lovely tourte jennifer! love how you made the flaps look like a flower!

  7. thank you for the lovely comments and for visiting everyone! yes, 100% semolina, and yes fine semolina.

  8. Looks yummy , my daughter found it the other day and she kept beging me to do it for her, I just wanna know from which region is this because I am from algeria and never heard about it. thanks for sharingggggggggg.

  9. @ The Nice Girl, This is a Metlili dish, not sure if other parts of the Sahara do it or not. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you tried and enjoyed it!

  10. i made something simular to this recently, the recipe i used is a turkish version, dh really enjoyed it.


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