Friday, February 26, 2010

White Cheese

Making cheese sort of feels like making magic. I don't know why but there is just something so cool about turning plain milk into cheese.
I just followed the recipe on the packet, and I'm looking for cream cheese consistency.
Sometimes I flavor this cheese with herbs, and sometimes just salt.
It's really good with toast, in crepes, on pasta, stuffed in bread or alone on biscuits for afternoon tea.

This whole buisness of making cheese began at 5 pm 

then ... @am this is what I had below.                                          

I then carefully ladled it out onto butter muslim that was draped over a steamer which sits on top of a soup stock pot.

The cheese must drain over a stock pot so that I can make ricotta with the leftover whey. There is nothing that goes unused, in fact, the water leftover from the whey goes to my mother in laws chickens! The time for draining really just depends on the consistancy I want, denser, like cream cheese means more time.



  1. Esalaam jennifer!

    I too am novice cheesemaker; used packets from the us before; wondering did you bring that from the US(someone told bringing in rennett to dz is forbidden) i have no idea why thou ;;; or did they ship that to you here? sorry for all the questions! i am really curious ;;;btw have you ever bought rennett. same name in french buuut here they have no idea what it is... anyway comment again soon since i am reg reader of your blog!

  2. salaams heni, yes i brought it with me. it's not a big problem, because it comes from either cows, baby cows, or vegetables. whoever told you it's not allowed is silly. =D yes, nobody here knew what i was talking about when i searched for it the first time i came. the locals use lemon juice to make their cheeses and shneen, then use a cup or so of it for a starter the next time around.

  3. Wow you are are my hero LOL! Masha Allah I have been looking at all your recipes from the latest and working to the oldest i just can't stop!! I love them all.

    I think they reason rennet may not be allowed is coz its animal in origin and would need to meet Zabiha requirements? It would need to be halaal?

    Jazzaki Allahu khair for sharing your wonderful recipes and your easy to follow pics too :)

    Regards from Cape Town South Africa

  4. Essalam Alaikum Umm Imaan, Thanks for stopping by and for the wonderful compliments! =D The rennet I use is in Vegetable based.


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