Wednesday, March 3, 2010

eggplant speghetti sauce

i love eggplants!
so what?
it's a great way to substitute meat for vegetarians, and an all around lovely way to flavor a lot of pasta dishes in general.

unfortunately i have to tell you though, the quality of the spaghetti here is sometimes less than correct. as you can see, it was broken up when i bought it, as i would NEVER break up spaghetti! ;-D

important! NEVER add oil to the water for cooking spaghetti.
also, don't forget to salt the water prior to adding the pasta.

4 medium eggplants
3 tomatoes
3 green onions
2 heaping tablespoons of tomato paste
1 head garlic
2 tsp paprika
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp caraway
olive oil

saute diced onions in olive oil until soft and translucent.

add diced tomatoes and cook until soft.

add chopped garlic.

add one teaspoon of each spice, salt and pepper to taste, and let cook for a minute.

add diced eggplants and give a good stir.

add water depending. of course it depends on the thickness you prefer as well as your cooking method.
long cooking add two to three cups.
if you prefer a pressure cooker, one cup will do.

gently stir in the tomato paste when the eggplant is finished cooking.

serve over hot pasta, or stir in pasta that is almost cooked, to finish it's cooking in the sauce. (that's what i do).
serve with a hot or cold salad.



  1. Masha`allah, it looks so yummy, pls sister can you cook some of you delicious bread for us to get the recipe.

  2. salaams maggs! thanks for coming to visit me! why don't you create a blog for us to see about your life in the north! =D

  3. wa alaikum sallam:-),

    Yours is Masha`allah,.........I will some day, I know I keep saying that, soon insha`allah, I love your blog, Masha`allah, keep the good work sis, love you. big kisses and hugs for the kids,

  4. salaams love, are you coming to visit me with your hubby?

  5. :-) WS, Insha`allah soon, are you coming? it will be a good gathering with the other ladys,
    take care love,


  6. i don't think i'm coming, the kids.... but i really should go! LOL your dh will be here next week. hey, i just heard about nabils mom, did you hear? i'm really sad!

  7. Esalaam,, Nice adaption of pasta norma! your personal touch or Algeria from your region?

  8. Mmmmm - yum! Like you I love aubergines. My other love is spaghetti. Serendipity. I'll be making your recipe this weekend - looks great.

  9. I love eggplant and that looks fantastic. I'm definitely going to try this.


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