Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Birthday Cake

I don't necessarily celebrate birthdays, mine nor anyone else's in fact. After the year 2001 every ones birthdays, including my own went uncaught. What I find funny, is that on several years it would be one of my brothers (mostly my older brother), my father, or my mother who had called, sent a card or an email and I would burst out laughing that I had indeed passed another year. I had completely forgotten my birthday!
My father always sends me gifts on my birthday, it always made me really happy. This year, no card, no gift, no call, probably because I live in the middle of nowhere.
This year however, was way different. being so far away from home I guess made me wake up on March 19 kinda sad, missing my family, missing my home, missing my life before moving to the desert. The night before one of my sister in laws and I were talking and she said she saw that I looked she bought me a cake!
I was so happy to get it, happy to share it with the family and happy to eat it LOL


  1. Salaams, Well isn't that beautiful (and thoughtful)?! Happy birthday to you.

  2. MAchallah beautiful cake and happy happy birthday Jennifer!

  3. Have a wonderful birthday! What a beautiful cake to celebrate with :).

  4. what a lovely sister in law mashaAllah , i adore the cake and you deserve it ...almost March again and i hope things have settled down for you Jennifer.

  5. Rainbow In The Grey Sky Thanks! Yes, she is a sweetheart! I am actually going to have another baby in March Insha'allah, this will be our third March baby. Things are still the same, I pray Allah lets me come here for visits and lets me move back to my country.


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