Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vegetable Omelet


This is common here in Algeria, well, minus the vegetables. They like to eat fried potatoes with eggs, and it's called frit omelet. I personally cannot do without the veggies, so I added caramelized green peppers, onions, and a soft cheese. Then I added eggs. Really it's just your basic American omelet, the only exception I guess would be that the potatoes are cut into french fries and cooked inside the eggs instead of on the side, like home-fries or hash browns.

cheese of your choice, I used laughing cow, that's what we had in the fridge
green peppers
olive oil

Fry or steam potatoes, set them aside and let the oil drain.

Caramelize the onions with the green peppers and garlic if you like.

Add salt and pepper to taste and break the eggs into a bowl and then add the cheese

Combine the veggies with the potatoes then pour the eggs and cheese on top and cook.


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  1. great idea the fritte omelette leftover fries always go into fritte omelettes. interesting that you scramble your eggs, here up north where i am at this is not done; love your added veggies!


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