Monday, April 12, 2010

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

I have had this book for about two years, maybe three? I love it, but don't utilize it all that much and it's one of the few cookbooks I actually brought with me from Virginia.
So far the recipes I have tried turned out nicely, but that was a long time ago and at the time I wasn't blogging much so they never made it online. I am thinking to start trying out a couple recipes a week, maybe completing the entire book?


  1. Sallam alaikum, i would love to see how thing turn out!!, i can`t wait to make some of your recipes,:-)

  2. Hi Jamila! I don't know if you remember me - Lorie from yahoo group - wives of moroccans. I stumbled onto your blog. how are you doing? I love this site! I didn't know you were in Algeria. You can email me at spankie414 @ (take out spaces). I hope all is well!

  3. of course i remember you lori! i hope all is well with you and yours! it's been awhile since we last chatted *hugs*


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