Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dolma or Stuffed Potatoes and Zucchini

I love stuffed vegetables. I especially love stuffed potatoes, but zucchini and green peppers are lovely as well. Tonight I only used potatoes and zucchini.

Ground beef is among one of the harder things to find here in my town. You usually have to go about an hour away to find it on a regular basis, so after many months of frustration I have finally bowed down, and am using camel meat.... Yes, you read correctly, camel meat!

Until moving here I didn't even know that people ate camels. It was all sort of, well, like eating a horse kinda idea for me to get used to. At first I thought how gross! Then I thought how sad, camels are such neat animals! Then I thought, MAN I WANT SOME MEAT! And that is the story of how I came to eating camels...

Now in all honestly, I have to say that it doesn't taste much different than cows meat, especially if it's been chopped/ground. If it's in chunks however, that's another story. It has larger fibers so then there is a noticeable difference in texture, but as I said, if it's ground up, seasoned well, you cannot really feel that there is a big difference.

ground meat
olive oil
tomato paste
sweet and spicy paprika

Hollow out the vegetables and save the insides, they make a great sauce.
Season the ground meat with black pepper, spicy paprika, parsley, rice, salt, a spoon or two of tomato paste, minced garlic and onions.

Very gently stuff the vegetables, leaving enough room for the rice to expand. Set aside.
Heat olive oil and saute the left overs from the hollowed out vegetables, with garlic and onions.
Season to taste and  continue to cook until thickened.

Add one cup of water, layer the veggies and pressure cook for about twenty minutes.

Taste for seasoning, sprinkle with fresh chopped cilantro or parsley and serve warm with crusty bread.


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