Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pita Bread

7 cups flour, plus more for sprinkling while kneading & rolling out dough
2 tbs salt
2 tbs sugar
2 tbs yeast
6 tbs olive oil
2 1/4 cup warm water

Put everything together in a large bowl and knead until it's soft a elastic. Cover and let rest until doubled.

Break into even balls, this recipe is rather large, it makes 16 pitas. If you are not a large family you can cut this recipe into half.
Dust where you will roll the dough and even sprinkle a bit on the ball to help with sticking. Roll out the dough until pretty thin. I found that letting each ball rest a few minutes before popping them into the oven helped with the puffing up they are supposed to do. Don't worry, they don't always puff, but they do however ALWAYS taste great!

Cook in a very hot oven, either on a hot stone, back of a baking sheet or like me on a cooling rack.
Each side should be slightly golden.




  1. Hmmnn, looks delicously warm and welcoming:) thanks for the recipes.

  2. Are all the ingredients mixed into one bowl or is the yeast mixed separately with the warm water and sugar and then added to the flour. Also, do the pitas have to be turned over or are they just put on the pan and baked for (how long are they baked for?)x number of minutes? What should the oven temp. be? I am new at this so I have to ask questions.

  3. Welcome Diana, You can proof the yeast if you like. Yes, I flipped the pitas over, however in my former home I didn't have to do that because my oven got hot enough to cook on one side only. So, I guess that's up to you and your ovens temp. I don't know how long exactly they are baked for, I sit and watch them because it's a fairly quick process and not one to be left unattended. I now (almost two years now) have an oven that comes without numbers, so it's all about guessing for me these days. However, since you don't have this problem your oven should be fairly hot, like 500 degrees. No problem about asking questions. Baking stones work best for pitas so if you have one use it! Take care!


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