Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sleeping & Weather

I'm not an easy sleeper, in fact I sit up for hours sometimes just thinking. Mostly about nothing important, which kinda perturbs me. How is it that I forget I could be managing my insomnia better? It always ends the same way ... me trying to utilize what time I can making Dhikr, but alas, this is the point I always end up passing out! FRUSTRATION!!

Last night I had this lovely post all typed out in my head (non food related I remember) plus pictures. I also had a lovely recipe to post.
The joke is on me, because for the life of me I cannot remember any of what I had in my thoughts.
1. What was it I wanted to cook?  ......
2. What exactly was it that I had wanted to blog about? ......
3. What were those pictures I wanted to post? That would help me out, since they would be related to what I had wanted to talk type about.
Staring blankly at my keyboard...................... 
This is not the first time I have done this.

Weather is something to think about, especially if you have changed where you live dramatically. These days the weather is divine here! It's in the low to mid fifties at night, which is just utterly heaven for me... however much I love it, it's the pits for my family (in-laws). Being true Bedouins (just two generations or so ago leaving that life to come to a more city like life) they don't appreciate the cold as much as I do. The days are in the upper sixties to lower and occasionally mid seventies, another plus for me!!! My neighbors (in-laws) however are walking around complaining about how cold it is, already wearing layers upon layers of clothing and scared to death to take a bath in fear of becoming deathly ill. Poor people! I can relate since everything is in the exact reverse now. During the summer months when it was hot I would have walked around stark naked if it would have been acceptable. When I say hot, I do mean HOT! It was around 117 daily for weeks, yes that's right folks, 117 and sometimes got even hotter. I was miserable! I grew up on the coast of Northern California, Redwood Country, which means layers upon layers of fog, and cold, comparably so all year around. I love that weather, and indeed there are not words for how much I miss it (the weather/scenery and family that is)!

The pictures posted are from my home town, both the ocean and the Redwood Forest are our neighbors, a truly gorgeous place!


  1. Those pictures are so beautiful mashallah..green just makes me feel happy..and I like the weather changes now, but I noticed that our winter (desert winter I guess) is painful comparing to suppose your winter..I feel it is healthy if I might say..maybe that's why many people do get ill in countries like mine or there?

  2. Moon, I think that the reason the cold here is so painful is due to the method of building . Here in Sahara everything is concrete as opposed to more natural products, like wood which is what is used in the States. I also have found zero insulation here, we have French doors, which really makes no sense for the desert! They don't keep in the air conditioning (in the summer)nor the heating (in the winter), nor do they keep out the sand which makes for a dusty house that keeps a lady very busy cleaning! LOL =D I think people here get a lot sicker than there, at least that has been our experience. Not just the children, that is including my husband and myself. Not an easy place to live, although it does have some nice aspects! May Allah give us the reward of moving here in the sake of Him.

  3. Assalaamu alaikum,

    How cold does it get in the Sahara during winter and how far in to the Sahara are you?

    Here in Riyadh it gets surprisingly cold in winter! We're still enjoying weather in the 90's but amazingly it gets right down to the 30's in December/January and the dryness of the desert climate makes that seem really cold.

  4. uk4dz, Walaikum Essalam Wa Rahmatullah, It's pretty dry here as well, which is much better than humid weather! You know the winters here are pretty cold too, not as cold as in Virginia, where we lived before here, it never snows, but surprisingly we had hail last week! I cannot remember the coldest it got in Dec/Jan of last year, and this will be my second winter here so I am sure I will pay more attention and take note. In the 90's is better than the upper 100's I would have to say a million times over! Enjoy it before it gets cold!


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