Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trip To Algiers



  1. What a beautiful place!

  2. SAlaam sis. My 2 year old just saw your stuffed pepper and zuchinni pictures (from "You might like") and she said, Oh that looks good! :-)

    I was writing to say misakeen peacocks and wtheck is up with that monkey? It's a little scary looking!!!! :-)

    Ma salaama sis....

  3. Thanks Nadia, It is very pretty in the North, I wish I would have taken my camera out more.

    Salaams Umm Aaminah, Your 2 year old is cute, Masha'allah. I have been told that those monkeys will chase you if you don't feed them... I just sat in the car and watched, I was kinda scared to get chased. LOL All the animals there are free to move though, so that's good. They are just in their natural state and people stop to look and feed them.


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