Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green Smoothy For A Snack

We started off doing smoothies with fruit and yogurt about 8 years back. We loved them but besides carrots we never considered using other veggies. For about 3 years now we are using all kinds! You can add sugar (we don't) or honey (don't do that either) it helps if you or your children are not real veggies lovers.

I prefer to use a blender and don't like using juicers anymore, I think we need all that fiber that they just separate and you end up tossing to the compost, goats or garbage.

Fresh Spinach
Fresh Baby Carrots
Fresh Celery Stalks

Blend up with water and drink!



  1. Mashaallah! I just started drinking green smoothies and get most of my recipes from

  2. Thanks Kaighla for the new site!


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