Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ramadan & Blogging

Well this year has been pretty quiet so far with blogging. I was going to participate in some of the blogging events other sisters have been hosting, Masha'allah busy bees those ladies are! But I really haven't felt much like taking the time to snap shots, write posts or the like. Maybe next week? Insha'allah everyone is having a great Ramadan.


  1. whatever you're doing insha'allah it will weigh heavy on mizan hasanat, ameen... insha'allah your ramadhan is going well

  2. thanks sis! you too insha'allah!

  3. Ramadan Mubarak sis I know how you feel 100%. I wanted to do so many things as well bu I do good to keep up with my own blog :p

  4. I try to make Ramadan special for us all, so my blogs come last ;-)


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